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21 Oct, 2010

Congratulations! Completion of D Runway at Haneda Airport

The Tokyo Haneda New International Airport Terminal opened today, and the first flight took off from the D runway. The number of the departure and arrival of the international airlines increases up to 30% and consequently the public’s keen attention and interest will be drawn to Haneda Airport as a Japanese international hub airport.

In addition, weather conditions such as fog, rain and wind, and control function of the taking off and landing take important roles with the increment in the flight number more than before. Meisei Electric has provided respective domestic airport with weather observation systems for meteor required for visibility, cloud heights, cloud precipitation, rain or snow, which are indispensable for safe taking off and landing of the plane, and for this Haneda Airport D runway this system was built and updated as well.

In addition, our instruments such as emergncy-use control device or seismometer are provided for the security of the flight schedule and plays an important part for security of the plane at Haneda Airport.