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24 Dec, 2010

"Isesaki Science Lecture" Successfully Finished"

At the Gunma General Education Center (Isesaki City) on December 19 (Sunday), the “Isesaki Science Lecture” sponsored by Isesaki City Education Committee was held with the full support of Meisei Electric featuring the theme of “The Space.”
The visitors made long lines from early in the morning at the Education Center and when opened they rushed into the exhibition hall, which was fully crowded with parents and children. At the corner where Meisei Electric was in charge of, the children gathered to models, panels and PC displays relating to the Space and enthusiastically listened to the presenters’ explanation taking the memorial photos together with their parents.

Mr. Koji Taguchi, Executive General Manager of Meisei Electric QA Division, was present for his lecture with the theme of “From Isesaki to the Space ! The World of the Planetary Probe” introducing “HAYABUSA” and “KAGUYA” at the lecture hall. For the children he was about to provoke dreams to the future astronaut.
In the Q&A session after the lecture, specific questions arose such as "Where is the end of the space?" and "" The mercury is minus 150 degrees? How many is the comet?", for which more professional leveled answers were required to comply. Among the pupils of junior high school and primary school there were many taking note eagerly. It seemed to us that the future Space pupils in Isesaki were very eager for the Space. We do hope that they will challenge future development of the Space.
For reference the state of the day was also reported on Jomo Shimbun and the Yomiuri Shimbun (Gunma Yomiuri) of the next week.