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12 Mar, 2013

CubeSat "WE WISH" Re-entered Earth's Atmosphere

Meisei Electric’s developed and built CubeSat “WE WISH”, which was deployed from the ISS on the 4th October, 2012, has successfully orbited the Earth. It has gradually lowered its altitude due to air resistance of upper atmosphere and as a consequence it re-entered Earth’s atmosphere on the 11th March, 2013 and burned out.

It has been operated for 158 days far longer than 100-day orbit duration originally expected and able to send CW beacon, packet HK and SSTV infrared image data to us on the ground.

During that period, local junior high schools and high schools pupils have been deeply involved in this project for their study bringing us reports. The amateur ham operators have participated in it to challenge the reception of signal from the “WE WISH” as well.

The “WE WISH” is the first CubeSat Meisei Electric developed and built. We have confidence that the success of this mission has achieved the role as foundation of our future SmallSat development.

We would like to sincerely appreciate your supports for a long-term period.