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RS-11G GPS Radiosonde

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GPS radiosonde is an upper-air sounding instrument flying with weather balloon. As the balloon ascends, radiosonde measures variety of meteorological data; wind speed, wind direction, pressure, height, temperature and humidity. Wind speed, wind direction and pressure are calculated from the travel speed and altitude obtained by GPS information. Temperature and humidity data are obtained from dedicated thermistor and electrostatic capacitance humidity sensor, respectively. Measured data are transmitted to ground receiving system every second using 400-406 MHz band.

Redesigned sensor boom achieves higher accuracy in temperature measurement. Also, newly developed high response humidity sensor enables more accurate humidity measurement even in low temperature environment. RS-11G enables various kinds of soundings through expansive interfaces, such as MTR (16 Hz temperature sampling), CFH (Cryogenic Frostpoint Hygrometer), Radioactivity sonde, ECC Ozone sonde, Cloud Particles Sensor (CPS), etc.


  • ・Improved temperature and humidity sensor with high accuracy for upper-air sounding
  • ・Redesigned rain-resistant cap for humidity sensor improves more accurate humidity measurement even in low temperature environment.
  • ・One lithium battery enables more than 3 hours sounding operation.
  • ・Equipped with SBAS receiver
    SBAS for GPS positioning improves measurement performance.
  • ・High stability transmitter complying with ETSI (EN 302 054 V1.1.1)
  • ・Safe operation
    Lightweight RS-11G (85g: Including a battery) enhancing safety with reduced risk of accident when it falls down.
  • ・A/D 5ch and serial port supporting various special sensors; ECC, CFH, MTR, CPS, etc.
  • ・Capable of using ground receiver RD-08AC and sounding software MGPS-R