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RD-08AC GPS Sounding System

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GPS Radiosonde Sounding System, a spin-off product based on WMO-recommendations compliant upper-air system, is designed for limited function version for academic researchers. The selected functionalities enable price performance breakthrough.

This lightweight and compact sounding system is intended for increased portability and conveniences in sounding. Your sounding experiences will be extended more than ever. The corresponding GPS radiosonde, RS-06G(S) carries a temperature sensor and humidity sensor. Pressure is calculated from the GPS altitude measured by single point positioning. Sounding duration lasts 240 minutes, allowing vast stretches of sounding possibilities. Abundant choices of interfaces expand the use of supplemental sensors.


RD-08AC Receiver
  • Exhaustive Design Focused on Research Purposes
    Selected Design intended for research purposes and price reduction
    Sounding software MGPS_R offers data filtering OFF
  • Sounding Anytime, Anywhere!
    A4 size receiver with 2 kg (4.4 lb) weight
    110 to 240 VAC power supply for worldwide use
    Only 30-minute preparation time with antenna assembly included
  • Sounding Emergency Proof
    Safety function for sudden shut down of PC: audio data reproduction function enables data restoration
GPS radiosonde RS-06G(S)
  • Single Point Positioning
    The same types of sensors are used for temperature and humidity measurement as national meteorological authorities.
    Measurement positioning type is a single point positioning.
  • Multiple Choices of Interfaces
    6 ports for A/D, serial ports, abundant interfaces for supplemental sensors
  • Only 150g Weight with Batteries Included
    Design of lightweight and low density offers lower risks due to ground fall
  • Easy Preflight Preparation Work
    Lithium batteries enable the radiosonde preparation much easier.
    Preflight preparation work takes only 5 minutes for 240-minute sounding!
GPS radiosonde RS-11G
  • Supports latest model RS-11G
    The sounding by RS-11G is possible without any software upgrade.