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Space Particle Monitor (SPM) for Spacecraft
A space particle monitor observes radiation environment of spacecrafts by a Silicon semiconductor sensor. The instrument is mainly used for measurements of the proton, and it can also measure the electron and other particles.
Quartz Crystal Microbalance for Spacecraft
Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) is a unit for monitoring contamination status around satellites by utilizing the characteristics of oscillating frequencies variation depending on the amount of substances attached over the crystal surface.
Particle Detector for Spacecraft
A particle detector instrument observes electron, proton and He. The instrument contributes to investigations into the cause of troubles such as malfunctions of semiconductor devices and electrostatic charge. It also observes the worst environment of trapped particles in the radiation belt, solar flare particles, and auroral particles.
High Voltage Power Supply for Spacecraft
This instrument is a HVPS (high voltage power supply) to be installed on scientific satellite for supplying voltage to detectors in the space environment.
Magnetic Torque Actuator for Spacecraft
The magnetic torque actuator is an equipment to control spacecraft attitude due to the effects of the geomagnetic field.
3-Axis Magnetometer for Small Satellite
This sensor measures the magnetic field strength in the space environment, which is necessary for the attitude control of satellite.
1Mbps S-band Transceiver for Satellite
It will be installed on the small satellite and perform the command reception from the ground, and the telemetry transmission to the ground using 2GHz wave band.
Monitor Camera for Spacecraft
The monitor camera is a unit consisting of a floodlight (left), a camera (right) and a camera controller to take pictures of deployments of satellite-mounted solar battery paddles and antennas.