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Privacy Policy

Meisei Electric Co., Ltd. (hereafter, Meisei) has established and published the following privacy policy to ensure the appropriate protection and use of personal information, based on the Act on the Protection of Personal Information. This policy is reviewed as appropriate and continuously improved to ensure the proper handling of customers’ personal information.

1. Policy on Personal Information

  1. Meisei complies with Japanese laws, regulations and other norms regarding the protection of personal information, and establishes our regulations in accordance with these to protect personal information.
  2. Meisei appoints a person in charge for each department and provides education and guidance on the protection of personal information to all employees in order to ensure proper management and utilization of personal information.
  3. Meisei does not provide customers’ personal information to third parties unless there is a valid and contractually clear reason to do so, such as for clarification of the managing department or contact information.

2. Purpose of Use

Meisei uses customers’ personal information for legitimate purposes only, such as fulfilling contractual responsibilities to our customers, improving product development, providing information that is useful to our customers, etc.

3. Ensuring the Accuracy of Personal Data

Meisei endeavors to keep personal data accurate and up-to-date to the extent necessary to fulfill the purpose of use.

4. Safety Management Measures

Meisei implements rational and technical safety management measures to prevent risk such as unauthorized access, loss, falsification and leakage of personal information.

5. Provision of Personal Data to Third Parties

When customers’ personal information is provided to a third party, Meisei prevents leakage and further provision by the third party through contractual obligation unless there is a special circumstance where doing so is required.

6. Consignment of Personal Data

Meisei may outsource operations to sales companies, agencies, distributors, etc. in order to provide our products, parts, services, technologies, know-how, etc. Meisei outsources to parties that meet sufficient levels of personal information protection.

7. Procedure for Disclosure Requests

Requests to confirm, correct or delete customers’ personal information are responded to within a reasonable period of time. Contact the Personal Information Inquiry Office

8. Personal Information Inquiry Office

Meisei has established an inquiry office in charge of personal information and accepts inquiries regarding the personal information held.

Personal Information Inquiry Office
2223 Naganumamachi,Isesaki-shi,Gunma 372-8585, Japan