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28 Dec, 2011
Meisei Topics Vol.68
1.JICA's Trainees for "Reinforcement of Meteorological Services" at Meisei Electric
2."SUZAKU" Elucidated Tornado
3.Observation Data by "IBUKI" (GOSAT)
01 Dec, 2011
Meisei Topics Vol.67
1.Civil Aviation College (Sendai) Reopened
2.CO2 Workshop Held in Indonesia3.Active Operation of Infrared Astronomy Satellite "AKARI" (ASTRO-F) !
30 Nov, 2011
X-Ray Astronomy Satellite "SUZAKU" Elucidated Tornado
It was announced and disclosed in the latest issue of Publications for the Astronomical Society of Japan (PASJ) of November 25 that Japanese...
14 Nov, 2011
To QCAST® Series Products All Users
Subject: 2011 Emergency Earthquake Alert Distribution Data for Training (hereinafter referred to as “training alert”) Taking this opportuni...
10 Nov, 2011
Aquatic Habitat (AQH) Equipment Disclosed
The AQH equipment to be tested in Japanese Experiment Module (“Kibo” ) of ISS was disclosed by JAXA and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) ac...
03 Nov, 2011
Meisei Topics Vol.66
1.Meisei Electric's QCAST® Series in Full use at Mutual Aid Organization in Miyazaki Prefecture !
2."MAXI" First Observation of a Massive Black Hole Swallowed a Star !
3.Disaster Prevention Training at the House of Councilors !
31 Oct, 2011
Observation Data by "IBUKI" (GOSAT)
It was announced by the JAXA that the Greenhouse Gas Observation Satellite “IBUKI” (GOSAT), which has been currently in the orbit since the ...
25 Oct, 2011
"AKARI" Detected the Light from the First Stars of the Universe
“Japanese first infrared astronomy satellite “AKARI” (ASTRO-F) , which was launched in 2006 and has been operated until June 2011, observed ...
06 Oct, 2011
Meisei Topics Vol.65
1.Renewal of Weather Observation Systems at Nagoya City Science Museum !
2.Meisei Electric's GPS Radiosonde for Observation at the South Pole !
3.Academic Seminar at Yotsuba Gakuen Junior High School (Isesaki City) !
29 Sep, 2011
Notice for Temporary Suspension of Meisei Electirc's Website
For the duration from 10:00 P.M. of the 1st October (Saturday) to 8:00 A.M. of the 2nd October (Sunday), our website will not be available d...
23 Sep, 2011
H-ⅡA Rocket No. 19 Successfully Launched
At 13:36 on the 23rd September, 2011 (Friday), the H-ⅡA rocket No. 19 carrying IGS-Optical 4 (Information Gathering Satellite) designated by...
20 Sep, 2011
Stockholders' Plant Tour Held at Meisei Electric
On the 16th September (Friday), a lot of stockholders were invited to Isesaki HQ of Meisei Electirc. We would sincerely appreciate your par...
02 Sep, 2011
Disaster Prevention Training at the House of Councilors
On the 1st September, Disaster Prevention Day, the disaster prevention training was held at the House of Councilors in Tokyo. At the trai...
01 Sep, 2011
Meisei Topics Vol.64
1.Client: Agriculture and Forestry Office in Aizu Region Fukushima Prefectural Government Case Study: Dam Facilities at Miyakawa Land Improvement District
2.A Letter of Thanks Given to Meisei Electric by the Contribution for Super-High-Speed Internet Satellite "KIZUNA" !
3.Reading Electronic Circuit for XFEL Detector Developed and Manufactured for RIKEN !
25 Aug, 2011
"MAXI" First Observation of a Massive Black Hole Swallowed a Star
The Monitor of All Sky X-Ray Image (“MAXI”), which is on Japanese Experiment Module (“KIBO”) in coordination with the gamma-ray burst satell...
04 Aug, 2011
Meisei Topics Vol.63
1.Meisei Electric's Seismic Intensity Meter on Weekly Science Magazine for Elementary School Pupils !
2.Meisei Electric's QCAST® Series Activated atBoth Elementary and Junior High School in Shiogame City (Miyagi Prefecture) !
3.Info on Landslide Prediction Facilities Now Available on WEB Site of Shobara City (Hiroshima Prefecture) !
25 Jul, 2011
Academic Seminar at Yotsuba Gakuen (Isesaki City) !
On the 15th July, Mr. Koji Taguchi, Executive General Manager of QA Division and Mr. Michio Neriki, Senior Manager addressed lectures in fro...
30 Jun, 2011
Meisei Topics Vol.62
1.Meisei Electric's Cube Satellite "WE WISH" Adjudicated as Cubesat-Releasing Experiment from "Kibo" !
2."Weather Observation Equipment" at Environment Radiation Monitoring Center (Kagoshima Pref.) !
3."Earthquake Observation System" Renewed at Ayakita Dam (Miyagi Pref.) !
27 Jun, 2011
Meisei Electric's "Seismometer" on a Science Magazine "Newton" !
Meisei Eletric’s “seismometer measuring earthquake’s shakes” is featured in the column of technology illustrated on the science magazine "Ne...
17 Jun, 2011
Now Meisei Electric's Onboard Cube Satellite "WE WISH" Flies to the Space !!!
On June 15, 2011, the Cube Satellite “WE WISH” relating to a cubesat-releasing demonstration mission from "Kibo" was adjudicated by Japan Ae...
02 Jun, 2011
Meisei Topics Vol.61
10 May, 2011
"QCAST" in Ginza, Tokyo
Meisei Electric’s emergency earthquake alert unit “QCAST” is exhibited in the showroom of SMBC, Ginza Branch out of their goodwill. When b...
28 Apr, 2011
Meisei Topics Vol.60
26 Apr, 2011
Met Aid for the Affected Area
World’s largest weather service provider, Weathernews Inc. and Japan’s second cell phone operator KDDI Corporation have jointly started sett...
19 Apr, 2011
Two-Dimensional X-Ray Detector Electronic Circuit for XFEL
The XFEL completed and was attached to the synchrotron radiation research SPring-8 of (**)RIKEN Harima Institute (Hyogo Prefecture). It is ...
18 Apr, 2011
Shinmoedake Volcano (Kyushu) Smoke Observation by Radiosonde
In the end of March Meisei Electric was consigned by NIED (National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention) to carry o...
31 Mar, 2011
Meisei Topics Vol.59
21 Mar, 2011
TBS "Science TV Jump Out !" (Tobidase! Kagaku-Kun)
Meisei Electric cooperated with the TV program, “Science TV Jump out !”, by TBS for the photography of aurora. Through this program Meisei ...
14 Mar, 2011
Meisei Electric's Operating-Hour Change Caused from the Planned Power Outage
We would like to repeat our deepest sympathy to all the people in the stricken area by the Tohoku-Kanto Great .Earthquake From today we wi...
12 Mar, 2011
Tohoku Region Pacific Offing Earthquake
We would like to sincerely express our heartfelt condolences to all of you suffered from the Tohoku Region Pacific Offing Earthquake, which ...
03 Mar, 2011
Meisei Topics Vol.58
03 Feb, 2011
Meisei Topics Vol.57
01 Feb, 2011
Shinmoedake (Kyushu Area) Volcanic Activity
The volcanic activity of Kirishima range Mt. Shinmoedake (active volcano) becomes active and continues intermittently from January 19. Furt...
24 Jan, 2011
"KOUNOTORI 2" Successfully Launched
In the Tanegashima Space Center at 14:37 on January 22, 2011 (Saturday), the “KOUNOTORI 2” or the HTV2, a cargo transporter to the ISS was s...
07 Jan, 2011
Photography of the Golden Ring Solar Eclipse Succeeded
The “X-Ray Telescope” (XRT) , which was installed on the Solar Physics Satellite “HINODE”, succeeded in photographing the golden ring solar...
01 Jan, 2011
A Happy New Year !
Meisei Electric cordially expresses its gratitude for your continued supports extended during the last year 2010. Meisei Electric will conti...