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27 Dec, 2012
Meisei Topics Vol.80
1.JICA Trainees at Meisei Electric Aiming for Meteorology Capabilities
2.Effect of Microgravity on Osteoclasts and Analysis of Gravity Sensing System in *Medaka in the ISS
3.JAXA Disclosed Image of Total Solar Eclipse in Australia on its WEB Site
06 Dec, 2012
Meisei Topics Vol.79
1.Meisei Electric's Seismic Measurement System Now on Operation at Kyuragi Dam (Kyushu) !
2.Successful CO2 Radiosonde Observation by National Institute for Environmental Studies at Hokkaido Teshio Town !
3.Meisei Electric at the 7th Renewable Energy 2012 Exhibition !
01 Nov, 2012
Meisei Topics Vol.78
1.QCAST ® at Tokyo IMF World Bank Annual Meetings 2012
2.Young Meisei Fellows at the 7th Exchange-of-Opinion Meeting on Space-Related Industries
3.CubeSat "WE WISH" was Successfully Deployed!
14 Oct, 2012
Meisei Topics Vol.77
1.Meisei Electric at SmallSat Conference in US!
2.Announcement of Start for Weather and Earthquake Sensor Demonstration Experiment in Connection with HEMS
3.Notice for New Release of QCAST®Series to Meet JMA Guideline
12 Oct, 2012
CubeSat "WE WISH" was Successfully Deployed!
At 23:37 on the 4th October, 2012 (Thursday) Japan time, Meisei Eloectric’s developed and manufactured CubeSat “WE WISH” (configuration 10x1...
06 Sep, 2012
Meisei Topics Vol.76
1.Letter of Thanks Conferred by MLIT Minister about Sendai Airport Restoration Works
2.KOUNOTORI-3 Berthed on ISS !
3.Academic Seminar at Yotsuba Gakuen (Isesaki)
03 Aug, 2012
Meisei Topics Vol.75
1.Congratulations ! “KOUNOTORI 3” Onboard H-ⅡB Launch Vehicle No.3 Successfully Launched ! 2.“SDS-4” Completed 1st Phase and in Successful...
28 Jul, 2012
Congratulations! "KOUNOTORI 3" Berthed at ISS !
On the 27th July, 2012 (Friday) in the midnight, the “KOUNOTORI 3” (HTV 3, a cargo transporter) berthed at the ISS and seemingly completed ...
23 Jul, 2012
Successful Launch of "KOUNOTORI 3" !
At 11:06 am on July 21, 2012 (Saturday), the “KOUNOTORI 3” (HTV3, a cargo transfer vehicle to the ISS) was successfully launched by H-ⅡB Lau...
05 Jul, 2012
Meisei Topics Vol.74
1.Solar Eclipse on JAXA WEB Site !
2.Meisei Electric's Monitor Cameras Actively in Operation on "SHIZUKU" !
3.Meisei Electric Participated in "European 20th Anniversary Memorial Small Satellite Symposium" !
31 May, 2012
Meisei Topics Vol.73
1.Congratulations on Successful Launch for H-ⅡA No.21 !
2.Certificate of Thanks Conferred for Contribution to MAXI !
3.Seismic Intensity Alert System Now in Operation at Suno Dam (Kagoshima) !
22 May, 2012
Solar Eclipse on JAXA WEB Site !
Please access to JAXA Web site and see photos showing images of an annular solar eclipse observed by the Solar Physics Satellite “HINODE” an...
18 May, 2012
Congratulations on Successful Launch for H-ⅡA No. 21 !
At 1:39A.M. on the 18th May, 2012 the H-ⅡA Launch Vehicle No. 21 (H-IIA F21) was successfully launched from the Tanegashima Island Space Cen...
07 May, 2012
MMS Mission DIS on NASA WEB Site
We would like to draw your attention to NASA WEB site shown below, wherein you will see Meisei Electric-manufacturered and -built DIS (Dual ...
Meisei Topics Vol.72
1.Initial 2 Units of FPI DIS Delivered for NASA MMS Mission !
2.Meisei Electric's Seismic Intensity Observation Systems Started Operation at Heisei Ozeki Dam of Yamakuni River Office !
3.Earthquake Preventive Measures Instrument and Water Level Observation Systems at the Exhibition of Iwasaki CO., LTD. (Hokkaido)
05 Apr, 2012
Meisei Topics Vol.71
1.Technical Collaboration with SwRI
2.Earthquake Alert System at Sumitomo Pipe and Tube in Osaka
3. QCAST®Alert Unit Exhibited at All Japan School Safety Education Research Seminar
01 Mar, 2012
Meisei Topics Vol.70
1."SACLA" Start of Operation and Letter of Thanks Conferment
2.Emergency Earthquake Alert Unit QCAST®Series Featured in JMA Guideline !
3.QCAST® and Seismic Intensity Meter at the 16th Technology against Earthquake Expo in Y'hama
09 Feb, 2012
"Sacla" Start of Operation and Letter of Thanks Conferment
The XFEL (X-Ray Free Electron Laser) nicknamed as “Sacla” will commence its operation at RIKEN Harima Institute (Hyogo Prefecture) from Marc...
02 Feb, 2012
Meisei Topics Vol.69
1.JMA Installed Meisei-make "Movable Weather Meters" in Tohoku Area
2. First Water Circulation Global Change Observation Satellite (GCOM-W1) Nicknamed as "Shizuku" !
3.Meisei Electric at the 16th Technology against Earthquake Expo
01 Jan, 2012
Meisei Electric Wishes You the Happiest Holidays and a Wonderful New Year
Taking this opportunity, we would sincerely appreciate your continued support to Meisei Electric again. We are all together looking forward...