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05 Dec, 2013
Meisei Topics Vol.91
1.Meisei Electric Constructs an Agricultural Dam Seismological Observation System for National Reclamation Facility Disaster Prevention Information Network !
2.New Aeronautical Weather Observation System Now Goes into Operation at JASDF Matsushima Air Base !
3.JAXA and Tokyo Tech-Collaborated SmallSat "TSUBAME" Vibration Test at Meisei Electric !
31 Oct, 2013
Meisei Topics Vol.90
1.A "Letter of Thanks" was Given by Emergency Earthquake Alert Users Committee !
2."POTEKA Sta." Observed Gust Phenomena in Takasaki and Maebashi Cities !
3.Meisei Electric will be Deeply Involved in the Development of " *High Sensitive Wide Area Gamma Ray Telescope" for JST's Program !
03 Oct, 2013
Meisei Topics Vol.89
1.A Sluice Gate Control Equipment was Installed and Started its Operation in Ichihara Area (Chiba Prefecture) !
2.Meisei Electric at Japanese Monozukuri ("Manufacturing") Technology Exhibition in Hanoi (Vietnam)!
3.3D-RTIL(*) was Adopted for Industry-University Joint Development for Practical Use !
18 Sep, 2013
Congratulations to Successful Epsilon-1 Launch !
On the 14th September, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. (Saturday) the Epsilon-1 launch vehicle lifted off from Uchinoura Space Center (Kagoshima Prefectur...
05 Sep, 2013
Meisei Topics Vol.88
1."POTEKA" Project Started in Isesaki City!
2."Appreciation Plaque" was Awarded by NASA and SwRI (Texas) !
3.Congratulations to Successful Launch of "KOUNOTORI4" !
05 Aug, 2013
Congratulations to Successful Launch of Cargo Transporter "KOUNOTORI4" !
At 4:48 a.m. on August 4 (Sunday, JST), the H-ⅡB launch vehicle with the “KOUNOTORI4” (a cargo transporter to the ISS) was successfully laun...
01 Aug, 2013
Meisei Topics Vol.87
1.Meisei Electric's Seismic Intensity Equipment Started Operation at Yabakei Dam (Oita Prefecture) !
2.Meisei Electric's Appeal at ICDC9 (Beijing) !
3.GPS Radiosonde Technical Training for BMKG (Indonesia) at Meisei Electric !
04 Jul, 2013
Meisei Topics Vol.86
1.Start-Up of Operation at Musashi Weather Station (Tokyo) !
2.Start-Up of Operation at JASDF's Hamamatsu Control Tower !
3.Letter of Thanks Given by JR-East !
07 Jun, 2013
Meisei Topics Vol.85
1.Meisei Delivered "GPS Radiosonde System" to RISH of Kyoto University
2.Renewal of Aizu-Miyakawa Dam Observation Data Management Equipment in Fukushima Prefecture
3.Meisei's "Disaster Prevention Seminar" Held at IGP (Vietnam)
07 May, 2013
Meisei Topics Vol.84
1.Renewal of Volcanic Observation Telemeter at *NIED Iwo Jima (Tokyo)
2.Obtained an Order on Telemeter Water Discharge Warning System of Shima River Dam from *Gunma Prefecture
3.Meisei Electric at "*ICT&Disaster Prevention" Symposium Jointly Hosted by *MIC and World Bank
04 Apr, 2013
Meisei Topics Vol.83
1.Meisei Electric's Seismic Monitoring Systems Started Operation at Lake Biwa (Shiga Pref.) !
2.Meisei Electric's Seismic Intensity Meters Renewed at Urita Dam (Miyazaki Pref.) !
3.Satellite Seminar Held at Maebashi-Higashi High School (Gunma Pref.) !
12 Mar, 2013
CubeSat "WE WISH" Re-entered Earth's Atmosphere
Meisei Electric’s developed and built CubeSat “WE WISH”, which was deployed from the ISS on the 4th October, 2012, has successfully orbited ...
28 Feb, 2013
Meisei Topics Vol.82
1.Renewal of Water Level Gauge System at Urita Dam (Kyushu) !
2.JAXA Released Near-Infrared Spectroscopic Catalogue Based on Data by "AKARI" (ASTRO-F)
3.Meisei Electric at AMS (USA)
31 Jan, 2013
Meisei Topics Vol.81
1.A Letter of Thanks Conferred for Contribution towards Development of the Space by JAXA
2.Meisei Electric at APRSAF-19 in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
3.Meisei Electric at The 3rd Eco House & Eco Building Expo Held at Tokyo Big Sight
01 Jan, 2013
Meisei Electric Wishes All of Our Customers and Friends the Happiest Holidays Time and a Wonderful New Year 2013
Once again we would be appreciative of your continuing supports rendered to Meisei Electric last year. Meisei Electric is now acting as a I...