The core technologies of Meisei,
" Sensing & Communication"

We create innovative products and services with our unique Sensing & Communication technologies and contribute to the development of a safe and secure society.


Meisei is the worldʼ s only manufacturer of
comprehensive environmental
measurement systems.

Meisei's core technologies are applied to a variety of product areas, from underwater to outer space, including measuring instruments designed for ground use such as water management and seismic intensity meters, various sondes for stratosphere use, and observation equipment installed on satellites.


Through involvement with various
projects in Japan and abroad,
Meisei continues to make history.

Since its incorporation in 1938, Meisei Electric has made history in many fields. Meisei’s technology has supported Japan’s history of Meteorological observation and Space development.
We will continue to engage in epoch-making projects through development of innovative products and systems.